Transponder Keys

Many new cars come with transponders, which improve security but can be expensive to replace. From the transponder keys for the latest vehicles, to repairs for your classic car locks, our trained locksmiths have your automotive needs covered. Ph 33502077 for your Obligation Free Quote

What is an Auto-Transponder Key?

Auto -transponder keys are found on modern vehicles the provide the radio transmission between the car or motorbike and the key. 

The key is programmed to only start a specific, individual car or motorbike. That means, only the person who is in possession of a vehicle’s transponder key will be able to start it. Transponder keys reduce the opportunity for car thieves to steal a car. 

Transponder Key Services We Offer

Our trained locksmiths can carry out all automotive work, including:

  • Cutting car and truck keys (including many transponder keys).
  • ECU resetting and keys supplied.
  • In car programming (Transponder Keys / Keyless entry Fobs).
  • Re-keying vehicle locks when keys have been stolen.
  • Opening your vehicle when you've lost the keys or locked them inside (yes you're not alone).
  • Repair or replace damaged or poorly operating ignition, door and boot locks.
  • Replacement shells and cases for both flip & integrated remote keys

Servicing all Major Makes and Models

Northside Locksmiths cut Auto Transponder Keys for most major makes including: Holden key, Toyota key, Mazda key, Mitsubishi key, Nissan key,Honda key, Subaru key, Hummer key, Hyundai key, Isuzu key, Jaguar key, Jeep key, Kawasaki key, Kia key, Land Rover key, Lexus key, Peugeot key, Renault key, Suzuki key, Daewoo key, Daihatsu key, Dodge key, Fiat key, Ford key, Toyota key and Yamaha key.

Remote Key Head Replacements

An ideal way to save money when replacing broken or damaged remote / transponder keys is for Northside locksmiths to supply a new case or shell thus saving the cost of replacing the chip and reprogramming it to suit your car