Home Security - A Layered Approach

To better protect you family and your home, it's important to look at a number of areas of home security.

With theft, break-ins and home invasions on the rise, it's always important to look at how secure your home really is. One of the best ways to approach home security is by looking at a number of security layers, Perimeter Security, Detection and Alert and Physical Secuity.

1. Perimeter Protection: Discourage opportunistic thieves with adequate Door and Window security. Install keyed windows locks so that broken glass does not provide any easy way into your home. Upgrade and replace low-security door locks, such knobsets, with deadbolts or deadlocks.

2. Detection/Alert: Use a monitored alarm or security system to alert the authorities in case of unlawful entry or fire.

3. Physical Security: Provide a physical barrier between your valuables and the would-be thief by installing a safe or strong-room.

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